Security Door Jamb


What Is StrongJamb?

That same component design allows for unique door panels that may be thicker, or taller, or wider to be cradled in the unique security system only StrongJamb can give. And steel, wood, fiberglass, old or very old doors can be strengthened and secured with StrongJamb.

StrongJamb is a security door jamb that you can trust to keep you safe and the dangers out!

The Features Of StrongJamb:
  • - The StrongJamb is designed as a solid structure so that your door cannot be jimmied, crowbarred, or kicked-in.
  • - Any decor, any size or age -- You can repurpose or reclaim any door to the StrongJamb system.
  • - Strong and versatile door jambs offer 24/7 security at a one-time cost.

ProSpeed Is A Trusted Installer For StrongJamb Doors

Not only did our owner design the StrongJamb system, but ProSpeed can also install StrongJamb on almost any door, even historic ones!

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